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The new (2021) NICE Guidelines for ME/CFS: Following the science

19th October 2022

RME (The Swedish ME-Association) holds a yearly conference, inviting among others, scientist from all over the world to talk about their recent finding.
In this video Professor Brian Hughes, National University of Ireland, Galway, guides us thru the new NICE Guidelines for ME/CFS from 2021. What has change and why? Following the science.
Professor Hughes is a Hope 4 ME & Fibro Northern Ireland science advisor.

NVTV Interview on the ME care situation in Northern Ireland

15th August 2017

We were invited by NVTV, a local television station, to take part in a interview highlighting the lack of specialist NHS services for ME patients in Northern Ireland.
The invited panel included speakers from three separate organisations.
Sally Burch, Secretary for Hope 4 ME & Fibro Northern Ireland, was our spokesperson for the event.
Maeve Hully, CEO for the Patient and Client Council NI explained the vital role of the P&CC in supporting our campaign for ME services in Northern Ireland.
Clare Ogden, Head of Communications and Policy for Action for M.E. explained their organisation's findings on the lack of adequate ME services in a recently published UK wide survey, which included Northern Ireland.
In the time allocated to answering questions, it was impossible to cover all the complicated politics surrounding the disease but as usual Sally has done an amazing job to educate viewers.

#MillionsMissing campaign

September 2016

A MAJOR demonstration urging more research into M.E. was held at Stormont as part of a global day of action.
Protests took part in 25 cities across the world, including Belfast, Melbourne, London and New York.
Pairs of shoes were placed at each demonstration to represent the 20 million people worldwide who suffer from the chronic disease.
Around 7,000 people in the north have M.E.
Here is the televised report.