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September 2019 Annual Conference

Frontiers in M.E. – Transforming Patient Safety & Care

4th September 2019 – Riddel Hall, 185 187 Stranmillis Road, Belfast, BT95EE

This educational conference is designed for all NHS healthcare providers, decision makers, university lecturers, researchers, medical and healthcare students, teaching staff, benefits agency representatives and service users, and is aimed to compliment the development of the new regional specialist Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) service.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear from these experts in the field about their latest research and how it informs our understanding of what the illness is, what helps and also importantly, what can potentially cause great harms to patients.
Download .pdf info: Frontiers in M.E

T. 07722892834 (2-4pm only please)

September 2018 Annual Conference

July 2018 Scope Submission

NICE Guideline CG53 for “CFS/ME”.  

Our response to the NICE 10 year surveillance (2017) document can be found here:

Seeking Solutions
Conference Report:

The Trustees of Hope 4 ME & Fibro NI were delighted with the response to our Seeking Solutions conference which took place in the Long Gallery, Stormont, Belfast on Tuesday 30th May 2017.

Our conference DVD is now available and can be purchased by clicking on the DVD image to the right:
Below is a short summary of the event copied from our FaceBook Announcements Page:

“Our conference “SeekingSolutions for ME & Fibromyalgia” brought top international speakers and researchers to Stormont, Belfast yesterday.
Amongst the audience were key health care decisionmakers from both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The audience were receptive, and we are very optimistic that changes in the approach to patient care will result from this new awareness and understanding.
Thanks to Robbie Butler MLA for hosting the event and to our charity patron Jo-Anne Dobson for chairing the conference and so eloquently introducing each speaker.
Big thanks also to our outstanding speakers: Linda Tannenbaum, Dr William Weir, Professor Olav Mella, David Tuller DrPH, and Dr Christine McMaster – we greatly appreciate the messages of hope and progress, that you delivered.
Thank you.”

More detail here: “Seeking Solutions Summary of Presentations”.

After the event we were delighted to recieve a promise from the chair of the Health and Social Care Board that he will highlight the ME situation to GPs.
We shared this “Major Announcement” on Facebook, and have also copied it to this post:

Northern Irish GPs to receive information on the physiological nature of ME.” 

Link here to Pre-Conference Information page
Click image below to view a brochure encouraging medical professionals to attend our conference.
With Special Thanks to our sponsors:
Irish ME Trust for video recording of the event
Funds to cover our various additional costs were raised by:
James McCullough (age 10) whose mother has very severe ME
Natasha Rooney who has a family member with ME
Jill Freeburn – patient with fibromyalgia and
Dermot McArdle – patient with fibromyalgia
Donations have also been received from:
The Monaghan Family in memory of Ceibhe Monaghan and
The McConkey Family in memory of Eileen McConkey.