Parliament Buildings, Stormont

Demonstration at Stormont

Northern Irish friends – please will you consider asking your MLAs to support the demonstration at Stormont on 27th September 2016. We have found that MLAs are much more likely to attend events if asked directly to do so by their constituents.

Copied below is a suggested letter that you could print off and send to your MLA (fill in your name and their name), or if you prefer you could find your MLAs’ email addresses in this list and email them:

If you don’t know who your MLA is you can use the search feature on this page (change the search criteria to constituency) to find your local MLAs.

Thank you for your help in this matter. 🙂

PS I don’t think it matters if an MLA gets a letter like this from more than one of their constituents.

PPS Seems I can’t put files up on this Announcements page. If you are on our FB page you can down load it from the files section here:

Alternatively send us a message, using our contact form, asking for the MillionsMissing letter in Word and we will send it to you by return.