Hope 4 M.E. & Fibromyalgia Northern Ireland

is a registered charity run by patients and volunteers. We receive no core government funding and rely entirely on small grants and voluntary donations to operate.  
The support group was set up by Joan McParland in 2011 and gained charitable status in 2014.
  • Monthly support meetings on the 1st Tuesday of each month in the Mourne Country Hotel, Newry, at 7pm with regular guest speakers. 
  • Annual Conferences with international researchers and leading experts in ME & Fibro.
  • Lobbying for Specialist Biomedical Care in N.Ireland. So that best physiological evidence is used to inform care decisions.
  • Fundraising to support above & towards biomedical research


Flyers for Recent & Future Events:
The UNREST screening is FREE, charge of £5 is for anyone wishing to avail of supper and the opportunity to meet up with friends, old and new! Please contact the charity directly if you require free tickets. Click here to book...

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